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3D Mechanical & Electrical Co-ordination Solutions.  
The company was registered in September 2006 and currently operating from an office in Birstall, West Yorkshire (near Leeds) with good motorway links. A small workforce using the latest computers and software work together with utmost pride to ensure the quality of work prepared and presented is of the highest standard to all clients and contracts.  
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Our Objective is to turn 2D design information into a 3D coordinated model, using Auto CAD Architecture 2008 and Cad duct. With the aid of Navisworks we are able to interrogate the models and intended service routes. Clashes are resolved at the coordination stage and the client is able to visualise the services as they will be installed. This gives the client peace of mind that there will be no problems at installation and there is adequate space for access and future maintenance.
  This also highlights to the client any issues that may need to be resolved by other parties to enable the services to be installed, such as openings in Steel Beams, adequate clear routes for installing/removal of equipment.
Using Navisworks, the coordination of the services can be demonstrated to the client in a virtual environment before commencement of the paper space drawings if required.

On completion of the coordination, the 3D models are then converted to 2D layouts, at scales suitable for the installation team to accurately read and work with.
We can carry out any works based on an hourly rate, or at a fixed price for the whole contract. Although we are a small Company we have close working relationship with Milltechnology Limited, ACVH Limited and One Point Design Limited who are based in the
London area, which enables us to take on larger contracts when required.
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